We care about you.

HouseHealth has a simple goal: to make you live healthier in your own home.

As a student start-up, we are ambitious to offer a clear, simple and affordable solution for in-house climate problems. We believe that we can make a change, when we get your help!

Simple and affordable.

We want to bring our product to as many people as possible, to tackle a societal issue that is problematic all over the world. Our solution is reachable for many people, because our application is compatble with every mobile platform. the only thing you need is our patented and in-house developed air cleaning filter and you are good to go!

We are there for you.

We want to make sure that you are as exited about our product as we are. So, should anything go wrong, we will help you. No hidden costs. Just honest service. Because of our direct approach towards the market, it is easy to reach us directly or through your favorite warehouse store. Easy.